Welcome to THE eXPerience Podcast. AKA, The XP Podcast. A remake of the Krazy Wabbit Show. The intent of the show is to inform, think and have some fun. Every show is live streamed on YouTube and Spreaker every Wednesday 7p-8p PT. Topics basically include everything we might encounter in life. Everyone seems to have a show with their name and experience after it. This show is simply THE experience. It’s not all about me. It’s about you. How can I provide you with an experience to walk away thinking about something you might not have other wise done especially with all the noise out there. I like to think of this as a common sense zone.

UPDATE 7/1/18: I am “battling” with Apple Podcast to get the show available to search. It’s there but if you search it’s not! COME ON APPLE!

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