Walmart replacing checkout lanes with walkout lanes

In an attempt to deal with long checkout lanes or having two open when there are 42 available, WalMart is rolling out in certain cities new walkout lanes. Customers approaching the checkout will now be greeted with a walkout lane that leads directly to the exit. Company research indicates that the low low price motto is outdated and needs to be updated for 2020 and beyond. “Customers want to get in and out and be with their families.”, said Jim Fellows, CFO at WalMart. “We want Walmart to be the destination customers can come and go as they please.” Walmart will maintain one checkout lane for those who in good conscience¬†feel the need to pay. Current checkout cashiers will not be affected as there are already only a few working. However, those who check receipts will be reassigned to other locations within the store or given a handshake severance package if they choose to opt out.




Thank you to the Onion for the inspiration.

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