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In the first episode of Why I’m Green, I sit down at a local coffee house in downtown Vegas with James Stover. Green Party member who volunteers as social media coordinator for the Nevada Green Party. James shares why he became Green, what he sees wrong with our current two-party system, what the Green Party has to offer and much more. I want to thank James for taking time out of his Friday evening to share his story. Below you will find his contact information, links for the Nevada Green Party and the Green Party website and platform. If you live in Vegas or beyond and a member of the Green Party, I would love to connect and share your story. Please subscribe to the podcast, Comfortably Numb and more importantly, please share with others. Thank you for stopping by.

james stover

Links Mentioned:

Nevada Green Party Instagram

Nevada Green Party Facebook

Nevada Green Party

Green Party

James Stover PR Twitter

James Stover The Author Twitter


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