Stanley Cup Final. Vegas Failed To Capitalize. Series Is Effectively Over.

What was the title of my last podcast? This is not meant as an I told you so. It’s how I look at sports. The eyeball test. This type of podcast may not still well with you. Giving a eulogy before the series is officially over but effectively it is. I recorded this at the beginning of the second down 3-0 and as I write this, it’s now 4-0 Caps. I find it highly unlikely that Vegas finds a way to win three. I hope I am wrong and eat crow but they have no answers for the Capitals and what ever Vegas pun you want to you, the house advantage finally ran out of luck. I will do one more podcast and hopefully a second and a third if we can figure a way to make this go seven. You will hear more in this podcast why the tone I’ve taken. I may lose listeners. But I will never lose a hockey team as a fan. Because I will share with you some positives and why we have a lot to be proud of with this team. Go Knights Go




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