Go Knights Go!

Vegas Born. Vegas Strong

Excited to return after a personal hiatus. Now will we get to see hockey again? We the puck drops, my goal is a weekly recap of the action on the ice. As a local over 10 years, I am so proud of what this team means and has accomplished.

This podcast is not affiliated with the Vegas Golden Knights.

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Countdown To Season 2

Ok, I lied, I will be back a little earlier than October. Quick little update on what will be coming up here on the Vegas KnightLife Hockey podcast. Your...

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Stanley Cup Final. Disappointing Ending. Helluva Season.

I’ve been sports fan for 46 years. I’ve had moments of joy but too many moments of heartbreak. I wanted this as much as you did Golden Knights fans....

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Stanley Cup Final. Vegas Failed To Capitalize. Series Is Effectively Over.

What was the title of my last podcast? This is not meant as an I told you so. It’s how I look at sports. The eyeball test. This type...

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Stanley Cup Final. It All Comes Down To Game 4.

Belief does not score goals. At some point you have to call it like you see it. What I call the eyeball test. I actually am writing these shownotes...

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Stanley Cup Final. Missed Opportunities. Home Ice Lost

As I state in the podcast, no sense in me nitpicking every play or period. The one good thing this team does is bounce back. Tonight was not good...

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Stanley Cup Final. One Down. Three To Go.

It still is hard to believe. We are here. Heavyweight battle in Vegas. Nothing new if you watched boxing in the past. But to see it on ice in...

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 3- WE’RE GOING TO THE FINALS!!!

Can you believe it???? What started as a rumor back in 2014 of having a pro hockey team to where we are now is unreal. Just as Turk (Coach...

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 3- One Step Closer

Enjoy the moment tonight. A hard fought and despite allowing four power plays, Vegas battled hard all night. Getting the first goal and answering or defending everything the Jets...

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 3- Fleury. Spectacular. Glad We Have Him

Vegas solid forechecking for 40 minutes and backchecking for 20. Remove the zeros and heroes are your Golden Knights 4-2. Fleury was spectacular including two huge saves in the...

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