Go Knights Go!

Vegas Born. Vegas Strong

Excited to return after a personal hiatus. Now will we get to see hockey again? We the puck drops, my goal is a weekly recap of the action on the ice. As a local over 10 years, I am so proud of what this team means and has accomplished.

This podcast is not affiliated with the Vegas Golden Knights.

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Hub Cities. NHL is back baby!

I don’t know about you but I am excited to have hockey back. No matter how it’s done, we need sports back!

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Taking a Break

Due to a death in my immediate family, taking a break from the podcast for the remainder of the season.

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Playoffs, Yes. Finals, No. (Bring Pirri Back!)

This team will make the playoffs and that is it. Unless they decided to play hockey like we know they can. And ZERO reason, ZERO, to reassign Pirri. Not...

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Repeat of Last Week

Again, a bad game with two good games. Will this be enough to keep VGK in the playoff race? Next week, I will be predicting our chances. Win these...

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One Bad Game. Overall, Good Week

Welcome back for another weekly recap. If you are new to the pod, thank you for stopping by. You will hear the week that was for your Vegas Golden...

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Blowouts ARE fun!

When you can beat a team 8-3 in the National Hockey League, WHO CARES how we looked or struggled, if we even did!. Better we win 8-3 than lose...

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This is the Golden Knights we all know!

What a difference a week makes. Once hanging out with the Kings, now the Knights are making noise and are making a push to become King of the hill?...

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The Good and The Bad. Part 2

Here is your bonus edition of the Vegas Knight Life podcast and honestly, I could have you listen to last episode and just switch out teams. Recap the Edmonton...

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