Working Through a Sudden Loss

Sharing my grief journey after the loss of my wife in 2018

If you have visited one of the other podcasts here on the network, you might hear me reference things like a personal event, going through a personal journey, or something along those lines.

This podcast speaks to that. December 28, 2018. The day my life forever changed. A sister, daughter, my best friend, lover and wife of 20 years died. Nothing I have or will ever go through will compare.

Death has not only re-defined my life but has given me a new perspective on life.

As of June 2020, I currently am releasing an episode a week with a goal to eventually end this podcast and leave as a source of inspiration to others.

Previous episodes can be found here: 

A book is currently being edited and will be released on this website. Stay tuned for more updates.

I have also written a few articles. You can find them here: Medium

To those who have stuck around and offered your love and support, I am forever grateful.

Do what feels right for you. It’s ok.



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