I Chop. You Decide.

Call this the unclaimed bin of ideas that don't fit into one of the plethora of casts here on the PodWabbit Network!

The Show as I like to introduce each episode. You never know what you will get. Could be serious. Could be boring. Could be krazy!

From time to time, you will catch a sub-cast on one of these episodes. And it will happen for 12 days in December.

I call it. Irksmas. Stay tuned. You will eventfully come to understand the mind of The Krazy Wabbit.

You may not always agree. But you will, I promise, understand 🙂

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UFO Sighting!

I am not saying it is but I am not saying it is not. I just don’t know. Yet it was fun to watch. Also helps that I was...

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Vegetarian Take 2

Why I am doing this again. And for good. You do you. I am not nor will nor should I try to convince you. Just my story and I’m...

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Work From Home Tips!

As a seasoned work from home pro, I got you on how to make the transition!

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Surreal Shopping

Did you ever imagine a day when you had to ask yourself, do I have enough food in the house? Or if you run low on toilet paper, there...

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This time I am back. No flip flops. New attitude. New perspectives. Same name. New flame!

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