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Tune In, Turn On, Tech Out

The focus of this podcast is centered around three things. Quips, Rips and Tips. There are plenty of other places to get your news, others that have the more fancy gear to unbox or review and a lot of complainers about tech. My job is threefold.

  • Quips. Have fun with and at others expense to lighten up and enjoy tech.

  • Rips. Inject a source code of reality to fanboys and girls.

  • Tips. This might come a bit of a shock based on points 1 & 2 but I do care about your tech experience.

Let’s get smarter and have some fun!


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Ransomware. Password Game. An Important Listen!

Ransomware “It will never happen to me!” “I use the same passwords across multiple accounts for ease.” Know someone like this? PLEASE tune in and share with others. Ransomware is...

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Apple Event 2017. I Am Switching Back. How About You?

Apple Event 2017 The Apple Event 2017 was held today at the new Steve Jobs theater. I provide you some early specs, information and why I will be going...

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Note 8. Is It Worth The Wait Or The Price Too Great?

Note 8 Samsung recently held their launch event for the Note 8. After “firegate”, many thought this day would never arrive. But it also arrives with a steep price...

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WWDC 2017. Jam Packed Updates with Odd Naming Conventions.

WWDC 2017. What took 130 minutes at WWDC 2017, I condense it down to 10 min. Overall, I was impressed with the keynote today. Lot’s of updates to all...

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PicMonkey, YouTube Live, Ghost Browser, Super Photo Cut – Ep#41

PicMonkey. In this episode of Tech Your Game Up, I will go over a few items I recently ran across that might be of benefit. PicMonkey photo editor, YouTube...

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