Tech Your Game Up

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Tune In, Turn On, Tech Out

The focus of this podcast is centered around three things. Quips, Rips and Tips. There are plenty of other places to get your news, others that have the more fancy gear to unbox or review and a lot of complainers about tech. My job is threefold.

  • Quips. Have fun with and at others expense to lighten up and enjoy tech.

  • Rips. Inject a source code of reality to fanboys and girls.

  • Tips. This might come a bit of a shock based on points 1 & 2 but I do care about your tech experience.

Let’s get smarter and have some fun!


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Bluestacks App Player. Updates. Tech News. – TYGU005

Bluestacks App Player. What is it? In this episode of TYGU, I explain what this player is and share some news stories of the week. Also live shows will...

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Smartwatches. Smart To Have One? – TYGU004

Smartwatches. I’m on the fence. Sell me why I should invest in one? Episode 4, Tech Your Game Up. Discuss smartwatches and some other tech news from the week...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Boom or Bust? – TYGU003

Samsung released the Note 7 on August 2nd. On this edition of Tech Your Game Up, I give you my thoughts on the phone from someone who is a...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Big Release Is Near! -TYGU002

Samsung will debut the Note 7 August 2nd. I give you my take why I am not upgrading despite my love for the Note series. Cover other tech news...

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Dear Apple, The iPhone? Tech Your Game Up! -TYGU001

Dear Apple. The iPhone can do more than modify how often new phones debut. Speaking of debut, this is the debut podcast of Tech Your Game Up. Everything tech...

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