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Tune In, Turn On, Tech Out

The focus of this podcast is centered around three things. Quips, Rips and Tips. There are plenty of other places to get your news, others that have the more fancy gear to unbox or review and a lot of complainers about tech. My job is threefold.

  • Quips. Have fun with and at others expense to lighten up and enjoy tech.

  • Rips. Inject a source code of reality to fanboys and girls.

  • Tips. This might come a bit of a shock based on points 1 & 2 but I do care about your tech experience.

Let’s get smarter and have some fun!


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My iPhone is Better! No, My Note is Better!

The age-old question that will never be settled, I welcome one of my cohost and Editor in Chief on PodWabbit Network to end this debate once and for all!...

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YoloLiv. Smart, Innovative, Easy To Use Live Streaming!

YoloLiv I met the YoloLiv team at CES 2018 and extremely thankful they took time to share a great new option coming this year for live streamers.  There are...

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Cinemood 2018. What’s New from CES!

Cinemood 2018 Last year, I had the pleasure to meet the Cinemood team at CES 2017. This year, Cinemood 2018. I wanted to catch up and see what is...

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Eureka Park. CES 2018. Visionaries That Make Things Happen

Eureka Park I took a moment to find a spot in a place that gave me a profound moment of clarity and excitement. Eureka Park. CES 2018. Took me...

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Internet Will Die In 2018. Only YOU Can Save It. Act Now!

Internet Net Neutrality. Maybe that word has popped in the news feed on Facebook or Twitter. It ends in 2018 and the Internet will no longer exist we know...

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