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Are you down for the chop?

The Voice of Ra and Special K bring you the Sports Chop block served with a side of life and food in between a lightly toasted ciabatta bread. No charge for extra toppings! Are you down for the chop?

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NFL Week 5: Passing with Ease. That is Drew Brees

Welcome to the Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill. Special K and Hammer chop on college football, NFL, Eric Reid, NBA preseason, Drew Brees, our upset stomach specials and...

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NFL Week 3. Baker Is Legit!

If you have watched anything Baker did in training camp, what he did against the Jets should not be a surprise. What surprised us. Tiger Woods held it down....

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NFL Week 2, Vontae Davis- To Quit or Not Quit?

Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill PodcastWe are back with a MONSTER episode. Special K and the Voice of Ra bring you some entertaining sports knowledge. We welcome your...

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Season 3. Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill Podcast.

Season three of the Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill kicks off on time with the opening weekend of the NFL. We review some of the highlights from week one, including...

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