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Are you down for the chop?

The Voice of Ra and Special K bring you the Sports Chop block served with a side of life and food in between a lightly toasted ciabatta bread. No charge for extra toppings! Are you down for the chop?

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It Was Never Meant To Be

Your latest edition of the chop. We’d like to hear your feedback where we can improve, what you like/dislike. Thanks for listening! Photo credit to Chron 

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D. Rose. We Can Predict Your Career

Latest edition of the chop. We want to hear your feedback. What do you like. What do you dislike. Hit us up! Thanks for tuning in!

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Recap NFL/NCAAF Weekend Review

Does ANYONE have a good explanation for what is going on with the NY Football Giants? PLEASE someone help us understand! Are you down for the chop?

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NFL Week 7/College Week 8

Special K said Ohio State was overrated and they proved me right. I have extremely harsh words about this team and if you are a fan, you should skip...

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NFL Week 6/College Week 7

Hearing no request to break down time stamps for the chop, here is the entire biggie size edition. Get comfortable. This is going to take a minute. 

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