Are You Willing To?

Thinking caps are mandatory!

Topics can range from apples to zebras. The theme of this podcast is simple. Set aside any preconceived beliefs or ideas and think. I am not here to change your mind. I do not ask that you agree or disagree. What decision you come to is irrelevant to me. If you thought, mission accomplished.




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Sports Teams Name Change. Diversion or Warranted?

We go through this cycle on a regular basis with irregular rationale. Or is there factual evidence to justify? I present this topic for you to ponder.

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Good Behavior

We are put on notice for doing bad. What about a notice when we do good? Or is that just expected of us. To just do good without acknowledgement...

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What is this podcast about? It’s very simple. Think. Which is your mission should you choose to accept. Think about if you want to subscribe. Hope to see you...

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