Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Socials issues of the day

Ah, the show no one wants to listen to but everyone wants to talk about. We get into those issues of the day from politics, breaking news, religion, social issues and the sticky things in between. We will not always agree. But hopefully we learn something about each other and ourselves.

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I Choose Life

My choice in this pandemic is not of fear. It is not based on inconsistency. It is not based on “my rights are being violated”. It is based on...

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I’m Done

Talking about COVID. Here, social media, done. I am not about to waste any more of my energy or time trying to get through to people when they have...

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Let Science Handle This

To those who are practicing social distancing, I offer some sage advice when it comes to dealing with those who don’t want to and are demanding States open back...

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It’s Been 18 years

Can there be a positive from this pandemic? Is not having to bury your child one?

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Our Only Home

I think most of us like a clean home to live in. This pandemic has sucked. Yet Planet Earth is showing signs that the break has been good for...

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Think with Brain. Not with Knee.

You really could substitute the subject in this episode with any social issue of the day. You can’t have answers first without having put in the thinking to come...

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Please. Stay Home!

The choice is yours. Please choose wisely. If not for yourself, at least for others.

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I See People

My first adventure beyond the walls. People were out. Yet it was not the same. Plus a few random thoughts. Did you wash your hands today?

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