Let’s Get Uncomfortable

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Ah, the show no one wants to listen to but everyone wants to talk about. We get into those issues of the day from politics, breaking news, religion, social issues and the sticky things in between. We will not always agree. But hopefully we learn something about each other and ourselves.

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Part 1: Native Americans

This is a re-release of a six part series I did back in 2016. I would encourage you to subscribe to my podcast, Comfortably Numb and check out the...

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Preface. Howard Zinn: A People’s History of The United States

This is a re-release of a six part series I did back in 2016. (I recall reaching out to the Howard Zinn family to get permission to do this)...

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No Time For Silence

A voice. A platform. I speak out for change. I speak out to inform. I speak out to educate. Not on social media, where few listen and many shout....

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Mask Ego

When Nevada became the 17th to mandate mask use, I checked my ego at the door. You can too. It’s not complicated. Plus, no one really cares what I...

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Erasing History

Is this idea to fix/erase history working to address the issues of today? Does it ensure economic equality for all? Does it eliminate judgment, bigotry or hatred? Asking for...

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Nevada Billionaires

In a time when many are suffering on many fronts, one class of society is doing just fine if not doing better. Shocking. Link to article that brought up...

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Casino Masks

Vegas might require masks for everyone. This includes visitors. (Actually it’s the Nevada Gaming Commission) I share my thoughts on this proposal. Will you visit if this becomes policy?

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I Choose Life

My choice in this pandemic is not of fear. It is not based on inconsistency. It is not based on “my rights are being violated”. It is based on...

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