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Inform-Think-Change-Have Fun!

Simply put, a variety show where the goal is simple. Inform, think, change and have fun. There really is no topic that is out of bounds.

Two parts to the show.

  1. Live Stream- Shows are live streamed every Wednesday 7 pm PT (95% of the time. The other 5% will be pre-recorded content, say a conversation with someone) You can find the live stream on YouTube. 10.10.18 – Due to lack of participation, the live stream has ended. It’s on the table to return pending sufficient interest. Get in touch if you want to revive the format!

  2. Bonus Content- These are recorded podcasts that will not be on YouTube or Spreaker. All free. Just have to subscribe to the podcast. The bonus content will also incorporate themes from podfaded (retired) podcasts that I used to do. See #1

 If you want to be a guest on a show, let connect and make thing happen!

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Airing Dirty Laundry. Why Do It? XPP Chap 5

What happened to keeping things in house and not online? Every family dispute, drama or work complaint does not have to be shared on Facebook. But if you do,...

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Diabetes – Type II Choose Wisely. Chap 4 XPP

Do you have time to talk about Diabetes today? If you like, please share. If you dislike, please share. Be safe out there! Link to the YouTube video for...

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Liberals Threatening To Leave The Country! – XPP Chap 3

Chapter 3. If you fit the label of a close minded liberal infuriated and ready to pack you bags, just like conservatives did eight years ago, this is not...

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Comment Section: Cesspool of Life- Chap 2

Chapter 2. Why and how do we clean up this cess pool known as the comment section. Where did it spawn from? Special thanks to Alex Exum from the...

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We Need A Home. Chap 1

Chapter 1. It’s time to kick this thing off and I want to talk about why we need a home. Few housekeeping items and let’s do this! Appreciate your...

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