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Inform-Think-Change-Have Fun!

Simply put, a variety show where the goal is simple. Inform, think, change and have fun. There really is no topic that is out of bounds.

Two parts to the show.

  1. Live Stream- Shows are live streamed every Wednesday 7 pm PT (95% of the time. The other 5% will be pre-recorded content, say a conversation with someone) You can find the live stream on YouTube. 10.10.18 – Due to lack of participation, the live stream has ended. It’s on the table to return pending sufficient interest. Get in touch if you want to revive the format!

  2. Bonus Content- These are recorded podcasts that will not be on YouTube or Spreaker. All free. Just have to subscribe to the podcast. The bonus content will also incorporate themes from podfaded (retired) podcasts that I used to do. See #1

 If you want to be a guest on a show, let connect and make thing happen!

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Example #234. Las Vegas Healthcare is Callous.

When I practiced as an RN, my number one goal: Patient advocate. Many clinicians in Las Vegas lost or never had it. It’s an embarrassment to the profession and...

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Podcasters LOVE to Waste Money!

Ok, not every podcaster. And I know, it’s your money. Do as you please. But who spends $300 for a chance to get an award? Serious question. Go online,...

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Livestream Ending. Podcast Remains.

Based on a few factors, I will no longer be live streaming this podcast over on YouTube Wednesday’s 7 pm PT. The podcast will remain but how often I...

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Podcast version of the live stream for 10/3/18. Topics include an annoying alert, school/podcast update, survey bullying and a new segment.  Thanks for spend a few moments out of...

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iPhone XS. Who Cares!*

Note the * in the title. THIS IS CLICK BAIT! I mean, everyone does it right? Everyone complains about the iPhone. I got news for you. WHO CARES! That’s...

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