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This podcast will eventually be replaced with one dedicated to working through sudden loss. After the death of my wife in Dec 2018, my focus on maintaining the format of this show and others is not there. My perspective on life and what is important has changed as well. Thanks for your understanding.

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Really. A Timer?

My first attempt to see a therapist did not go as expected. Lesson learned but I am trying to learn lessons!

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Dealing with the Waves

Ran into a great analogy today that helped provide some perspective. Thank you to those that check in on me. I appreciate you.

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A Heart and Mind at War

Great question was posed to me the other day. How is my mind and heart. I share some thoughts how I’ve been doing on both fronts. Shit ain’t easy....

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21 More Days

Another day on the calendar that will be tough to deal with. What could have been.

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