Beardown Chicago Bears

Post game reaction during regular season games.

    During the regular season, we will share our reactions post game. Note I did not include post season. What is that? Maybe someday this will be updated. I try to not bring the meatball or homer perspective yet I am human.

    I also would like to continue doing the live stream on YouTube.

    This will be season 4 (if it happens) of this podcast that is in no way affiliated with the Chicago Bears. Just one fan hoping we see Lombardi raised again before his time is up. I love 85. I am tired of that being our only calling card.

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    We are back!

    After taking some time off, the time is right. For us all to Beardown!

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    Offense: On a Four ‘Weak’ Delay.

    Guess we knew who the Bears were. Funny, the starters on defense who sat out of preseason balled out. Mitch, well, um, yeah. He still needs work. Maybe by...

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    Season Four. The BearReaction is Back!

    Had to take some time off but never lost my love for this team. Not a fan of putting too much here. It’s called a podcast, not a blog....

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