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Touchdown 2 Checkdown. BEARDOWN

BearReaction (BR) is an interactive podcast by Chicago Bears fans for Chicago Bears fans.

  • Season three of the BearReaction is a wrap thanks to Parkey being Parkey. The podcast will return for season four September 2019. BEARDOWN!

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Boycott. Chicago Bears and BearReaction Podcast on Lockdown

Boycott In what could be the last episode for sometime, I have opted to boycott the Chicago Bears. For many years if not decades, we’ve had to watch a...

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2017 Bears Bucks. I Don’t Give a F&ck! Glennon Sucks!

2017 Bears Bucks I really try to go into every season and every game with some kind of positivity. Then that all goes out the window when the latest...

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2017 Bears Falcons. Postgame BearReaction. Cohen. Stay Healthy!

2017 Bears Falcons Season 2 of the BearReaction podcast officially kicked off today. Late breaking (no pun intended) news, Kevin White can’t catch a break and is done for...

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Bears at Titans. Preseason Wk. 3 2017 BearReaction

Bears Titans The BearReaction Podcast returns for initial thoughts on Bears Titans preseason game three. Just as the Bears look get the starters more play time, I need to...

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2017 NFL Draft Live Stream BearReaction Podcast

2017 NFL Draft Welcome to the replay podcast of the 2017 NFL Draft that was recorded live via YouTube on draft night. WHAT A NIGHT! Interesting to listen to...

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