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Touchdown 2 Checkdown. BEARDOWN

BearReaction (BR) is an interactive podcast by Chicago Bears fans for Chicago Bears fans.

  • Season three of the BearReaction is a wrap thanks to Parkey being Parkey. The podcast will return for season four September 2019. BEARDOWN!

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Bears v Pats 10/21 Postgame Reaction

First, my apologies. I tried to keep this episode clean but just like the defense kept Brady’s jersey the same, I failed you. NSFW. Second. Mitch battled. Despite any...

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Bears v Dolphins 10/14 – Postgame Reaction

This one stings. I do not have anything else more to type. Cue the tape. Oh, and I managed not to curse. I think I am making progress.

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Bears vs Bucs 9/30/18 Postgame Reaction

This was the game all Bears fans have been waiting for. We saw what a complete team game looks like and no one could be happier than Ryan Pace....

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Bears Can Make The Playoffs

Before the Bears took the field against the Bucs, I took to Twitter with the following: Couple of things. I did not like the way the homer pants fit....

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Bears v Cardinals 9/23/18 Postgame Reaction

The stagnation of Mitchell Trashbisky continues. Some would argue regression. I share my reaction to a game that was a win but did not give you legit feels along...

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