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Touchdown 2 Checkdown. BEARDOWN

BearReaction (BR) is an interactive podcast by Chicago Bears fans for Chicago Bears fans.

During the offseason:

  • Live stream of the NFL draft and occasional podcast to cover big news.

During the regular season:

  • BR will air immediately LIVE after each game in a poor man’s version of the Doug and OB show.

  • This will allow you to give your immediate reaction to the game. What went right. What sucked.

  • Simulcast on Spreaker and You Tube Live.

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Guess Who Needs To Be Cut?

Today was a good day. Mitch showed improvement and growth. The defense did what they had to do. Even the miscues did not hurt the team at the end...

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Handled Business. Now Comes the Real Test.

Kudos to the Bears for not looking past Buffalo. Defense found themselves. Patience is frustrating when waiting for a young 1st rounder QB to develop. For me, Mitch has...

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Let’s Not Forget, It Was The Jets

Due to life throwing a monkey wrench at me, the live stream did not happen but I got some help from a good friend to help fill in. Good...

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Bears v Pats 10/21 Postgame Reaction

First, my apologies. I tried to keep this episode clean but just like the defense kept Brady’s jersey the same, I failed you. NSFW. Second. Mitch battled. Despite any...

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Bears v Dolphins 10/14 – Postgame Reaction

This one stings. I do not have anything else more to type. Cue the tape. Oh, and I managed not to curse. I think I am making progress.

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