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Touchdown 2 Checkdown. BEARDOWN

BearReaction (BR) is an interactive podcast by Chicago Bears fans for Chicago Bears fans.

  • Season three of the BearReaction is a wrap thanks to Parkey being Parkey. The podcast will return for season four September 2019. BEARDOWN!

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So Long 2018 Chicago Bears. And Parkey.

Do me a favor. Go back to my podcast on Nov 11, 2018. I know I can be off my rocker at times. Now can we cut Parkey? This...

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Taking a Break

Due to a death in my immediate family, I am taking a break from the podcast.

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2018 NFC North Champs!

Tell me right now when you read that, you are not having the biggest cheesiest grin! And to do it against the cheese at home! AWESOME! Relax and enjoy...

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High Powered Rams Offense? 6 POINTS? DENIED!

I really don’t want to waste your time with show notes. Roll the tape! Photo Courtesy –¬†Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

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There is NO QB Controversy (NSFW)

Chase Daniel said after the game, “They made more plays.” Sorry, you did not make enough plays. Enough quality throws. And you had the whole week to get ready....

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