Podcasters LOVE to Waste Money!

Ok, not every podcaster. And I know, it’s your money. Do as you please. But who spends $300 for a chance to get an award? Serious question. Go online, buy and award and still have change in your pocket for say, hosting, a pop filter, a plug in, a better mic, better cohost, something! I will just say this. Don’t let me catch you complaining about the cost of ANYTHING podcast related and find out you dropped three large for a pat on the back. I can do that for $20 and you still have change left over. 

Any who, the show as you know by now is no longer live streamed on You Tube. People hate my face or my content. If you hate inconsistency, don’t subscribe. If you hate people that complain. Pass. That’s all I have for now. Catch you when the moment feels right for another gum session. For the three people that will listen, thank you. Be safe.

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