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  • Please. Stay Home!

    The choice is yours. Please choose wisely. If not for yourself, at least for others. Play in new window | Download

  • I See People

    My first adventure beyond the walls. People were out. Yet it was not the same. Plus a few random thoughts. Did you wash your hands today? Play in new […]

  • Fear Mongering. Not Here.

    It is my goal on this or any podcast I produce, to not use fear tactics for my own benefit. If anything, it would be to wake you up that […]

  • Surreal Shopping

    Did you ever imagine a day when you had to ask yourself, do I have enough food in the house? Or if you run low on toilet paper, there might […]

  • Reboot

    This time I am back. No flip flops. New attitude. New perspectives. Same name. New flame! Play in new window | Download

  • Bears Redskins. Improvement. Still Needs Work

    Last week, the offense played 43 seconds. This week, 30 min. Next week, a full 60. They do that and the defense continues on its pace, good things for Ryan […]

  • Bears Broncos: Nagy Lucky. Mitch Still Needs Work

    I don’t like to waste time with words here. Roll the tape. BEARDOWN Play in new window | Download

  • Offense: On a Four ‘Weak’ Delay.

    Guess we knew who the Bears were. Funny, the starters on defense who sat out of preseason balled out. Mitch, well, um, yeah. He still needs work. Maybe by week […]

  • Season Four. The BearReaction is Back!

    Had to take some time off but never lost my love for this team. Not a fan of putting too much here. It’s called a podcast, not a blog. Roll […]

  • CES 2019: Day 4. That’s a Wrap!

    Taking a different spin as I look at two technologies in my opinion, stole the show. Not because of what they mean today but what they mean for tomorrow. Thanks […]