Launch: Starting A Podcast!

launch podcast

Go for launch! Starting a podcast can be exciting and nerve wracking. Below are a list of great resources to help answer questions if you are considering jumping in the podcast pool. I am always available to help answer questions and if I don’t know the answer, I can steer you in the right direction. Oh, and if you are looking for gear? Have no fear! Happy Podcasting!


Ask the Podcast Coach w/Dave Jackson – Weekly show where you can get great tips, tricks but more importantly ask podcast questions!

The Audacity to Podcast w/Daniel J. Lewis – A great resource on everything podcasting. He provides the how and tools of successful podcasting. I use his icons on my subscribe page!

The Podcast Engineering Show – Learn to Engineer and Produce Podcasts at a Professional Level. THIS is a must on your podcast player. Chris Curran talks audio engineering with guests and provides valuable tips to SOUND GREAT!

Podcasters’ Roundtable w/Ray Ortega – Roundtable of podcasters that talk everything related to podcasting. Wonderful ideas and suggestions to help you lift off!

Podcast Community – A great support group on Facebook to ask your podcast questions. (pro tip- search first for your question. It’s probably been asked)

Podcast Talent Coach – Erik K. Johnson provides helpful tips to improve your podcasting!

Maplegrove Partners – Every podcaster needs a media hosting site. I recommend doing your research as there are many out there. I chose Maplegrove and LOVE IT. (no, I am not an affiliate nor work for them)

Welcome! How To Podcast – An excellent guide that walks you through the A-Z of podcasting! Thank you to Charles Wiltgen.

Music Radio Creative – Editing is a critical part of podcasting. If you use Adobe Audition, I highly recommend Mike Russell! The link is to his YouTube channel where he provides FANTASTIC tips and tricks!