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Hockey Soccer.

Not your likely duo for the chop but some interesting news from both they hockey soccer side of the plate. Don’t worry, we got your baseball, NBA, and despite what people are chirping, the beast that is the NFL. The return of the upset stomach special of the week and you WILL need something for your stomach after you knock this one back. Also is the Big 10 soft? Find out in the Lighter Side of the Bun segment. Surely to make the die hards even more upset. No sugar coating here fans. Bad for the pancreas too. This is The Chop with Hammer and Hankins and we appreciate you spending part of the day with us. Love to hear your feedback. At the end, all of our contact information. Hit us up, good or bad, day or night, wrong or right!

hockey soccer



The Menu:

NFL – 1:40

NCAA Football -21:56

Lighter Side of the Bun – 28:01

NHL – 36:40

MLB – 45:29

Soccer – 56:53

NBA – 1:05:58

Upset Stomach Special of the Week! – 1:17:14

World Famous Chopping Block – 1:20:01


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