Halas Hall. Welcome to 2018. Collaboration Dumpster Fire

Halas Hall

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Welcome to season three of the BearReaction podcast. In this session (recorded on YouTube and FB as a live stream. Those of you who joined, THANK YOU), I take a look at some of the problems still looming at Halas Hall. What are some things that need to happen. I also challenge a sector of our fan base that needs to shape up or ship out. This podcast will return twice before the 2018 campaign kicks off. When Pace hires the next HC and the NFL draft. Both will be live streamed. Links below to my channels. Also links to so great podcasts to keep you company during another offseason of hibernation. Beardown!

PS: If you check out one of these podcasts below, please tell them @thekrazywabbit sent you!

halas hall



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