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Green Party Economic Justice – Core Values

Welcome to Part 5 of 5 in a special podcast series bringing you the Green Party US Platform. On deck today, Green Party Economic Justice and Sustainability, one of our four core values. I hope you find this informative and will share with others. Below, you will find time stamps for each section of this podcast along with a link to the Green Party platform. Total run time is 46 minutes. Thank you for listening.

green party economic justice


Introduction 2:12
Ecological Economics 5:14
Measuring Economic Health 7:26
Curbing Corporate Power 10:14
Livable Income 12:20
Fair Taxation 13:39
Local Economic Development 19:23
Small Business and the Self-Employed 22:19
Work and Job Creation 24:42 
Banking and Insurance Reform 28:36
Pension Reform 35:15
Anti-Trust Enforcement 36:52
Advanced Technology and Defense Conversion 38:08
National Debt 42:37

GPUS National Platform Website

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