Eureka Park. CES 2018. Visionaries That Make Things Happen

Eureka Park

I took a moment to find a spot in a place that gave me a profound moment of clarity and excitement. Eureka Park. CES 2018. Took me a few years but it hit me. I love ALL of CES. I enjoy seeing what’s new in the North, Central and South Halls. But where the TRUE passion lives. The TRUE innovation lives. The TRUE desire to help others. Is Eureka Park. Even as a Registered Nurse and my network of podcasts here with my new vision of 2018 to help others, it was a Eureka moment! My goal for future CES shows. Visit this place and share as many stories as I can. For now, I take a few moments to share my thoughts. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share some from this year with you. Despite the latest news either in society or with tech “bugs”, I feel good.

eureka park



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