Founder/CEO/Producer of PodWabbit Network. I started podcasting in November of 2015 as a way to inform outside the echo chamber of keyboard banging on social media. Lots of good ideas, information and knowledge get lost in those scrolling seas.  I LOVE this medium and passionate about what we do here. My goals are to engage in conversation and share stories. I hope to inspire others interested in becoming a podcaster.

My background is an RN with time served in trauma centers on the graveyard shift in Chicago where a lot of my warped humor came from. I grew up with computers with my first exposure in the early 80s. I am an avid geek at heart and love to help and teach others. Although my passion is anything Apple related, I enjoy all forms of tech. I have also worked in the IT field as an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) consultant and Business Analyst.

The nickname Krazy Wabbit was from an ER doctor back in 1993. You might also hear the name Special K. Let you do the math! Other interests include tennis, racquetball, Texas Hold’em, and an avid fan of NFL/NHL.

In December 2018, my wife suddenly died. I have been working on getting my self right and healing. As a result, most of the podcasts here have ended with one on hold. I will be dedicating one podcast to dealing with sudden loss. More updates to follow. For now, you can check out the Krazy Wabbit Show for more information.

 My philosophy: Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. 

Be safe and as always, work hard. Play HARDER!