Ear Candy. What Podcast Am I Listening To That You Might Enjoy.

Ear Candy

Podcasts for your cranial craving. Ear Candy! Sharing is caring! 

2debate – short-form debate podcast. Love this concept!

99% Invisible  – with Roman Mars.

Adventures in Audio – classic/horror short story podcast. Great storytelling voice!

Bandrew Says Podcast – Hosted by Bandrew Scott. Tech tips, news and excellent gear (especially) mic reviews

Black Agenda Radio – News, commentary and analysis. 

Cross Examined Life – Elevating the art of disagreement through cross exams of controversial topics.

Found – Ever find something on the street? Ever wonder what the story behind that find was? Found is a MUST in your podcast player!

Full Contact Poker Podcast – Hosted by poker great, Daniel Negreanu. If you love poker, why have you not subscribed?

Funky Dreamer Storytime – From the site: “Whether it’s bedtime, nap time, car time, or if you’re just plain old hangin’ out, here’s a chance for parents and kids to get lost in a world of imagination”

Ham Radio 360 – Into Amateur Radio? Ham Radio 360 has got you covered full circle!

Locked on Bears – Your only Chicago Bears daily podcast by Lorn Cox. A must subscribe for any Chicago Bears fan!

Magnotronic – When you listen to a podcast and are hooked in the first 10 minutes and share it, bam! From their website – A weekly podcast featuring comedian Maggie Faris and company. Each week, we sit down with guests from the comedy community, arts scene, or life in general. Fun talk, sound effects, and laughter. Check us out.

New Media Show – Talking Podcasting, YouTube and New Media with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee. (Check out GNC)

On The Media – Excellent alternative (real) journalism tackling current issues of the day. Part of WYNC New York City public radio.

Podcast Junkies – Conversational podcast with other podcasters. Great insights on many things beyond podcasting!

Podunk Punks – Variety show that interviews metalheads and musicians with great stories to share!

setisoppO – A fun podcast discussing opposites! Great vibe that will make you think and laugh!

Sports Mastery – A podcast for elite athletes, parents and coaches.

Stuff You Missed in History Class – Fun and informative podcast on a wide range of subjects that the history books left out.

T Formation Conversation – Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr brings you the 411 on the Chicago Bears. Homer/Meatball sauce not included.

The Average Guy Network – Hosted by Jim Collison. Variety of live tech shows from cybersecurity to home automation. A must add!

The Cancer Shift – This podcast serves anyone who is ready to consider a shift, a shift in how one navigates cancer, life and all things hosted by Ryan D. Luelf

The Extraordinary NegroesEach week, writers Jay Connor and Alex Hardy infuse delve into humorous explorations of pop culture, current events, and relevant issues within the African-American community

The 3 Point Conversion Station – Variety station with sports, music and life matters.

Utah Outcasts – A ragtag bunch of anti-theist, atheist, secular humanists who are trying to bring a bit of sanity back to the state they love that has been bought wholesale by the LDS Church.

Vegas Rock Dog Radio – Sam “The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs” hosts Vegas Rock Dog Radio, a rock ‘n’ roll show all about pets, people, and pop culture.

The Z List Dead List – A podcast about obscure people from history.


Podcast Players*

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