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Liberals Threatening To Leave The Country! – XPP Chap 3

Chapter 3. If you fit the label of a close minded liberal infuriated and ready to pack you bags, just like conservatives did eight years ago, this is not a podcast for you. If you are open minded and willing to understand that as a kid, we did the same thing and always came home but more importantly, willing to stick around to some solutions (they are out there) than please proceed. When you understand history and life, struggles are messy. You have to keep fighting. This is not MMA where you get to tap out. #wakeupstandup Thank you for lending your earholes. Be safe out there!

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Comment Section: Cesspool of Life- Chap 2

Chapter 2. Why and how do we clean up this cess pool known as the comment section. Where did it spawn from? Special thanks to Alex Exum from the Exum Experience for the great voice over intro. THANK YOU! Would like to hear your thoughts and better yet, stop by for the live stream next week and interact in real time. Please subscribe to the You Tube channel or Spreaker to be notified when I fire up the live mic. Thank you for letting me spend a little time in your earholes. Until next week!

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We Need A Home. Chap 1

Chapter 1. It’s time to kick this thing off and I want to talk about why we need a home. Few housekeeping items and let’s do this! Appreciate your ears! (Here is the link to the YouTube stream)

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XPP- Prologue

It is finally here! A little introduction as to what this whole experience thing is about. I hope you will give it a chance, subscribe and more importantly, interact! (working on a subscribe section for the website here)

The eXPerience Podcast- Coming Soon!

A project that has been in the works for what seems a lifetime. Really excited about this new show and can’t wait to fire it up. A little teaser for you!

What will be different?


-YouTube and Spreaker – Allowing you the listener to interact real time.

-Podcast- Can’t make the livestream? Available for playback as a podcast.

-More details to come in the first chapter!

Until next time, be safe!