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Day 5 – Homer Sports Fans. Ugh!

I don’t expect this episode to change anyone. But allow me 10 minutes to rant on a group of fans that since the days of the water molecule loves to let us know every single day, how big a fan they are and everyone else needs to step their game up. Yawn. Thanks for listening!

Day 4 – Podcasters are annoying!

Asking all these questions. Spending a ton of money. Bugging everyone and your family to go check out my awesome podcast. Asking all these questions. What about my stats! Donate money to keep the lights on. Asking all these questions. Just fire up the mic and hit record for starters! What irks you about podcasters?

Day 3 – iwaswrongaphobia

Also unofficially known as the fear to say, I was wrong! I’m guilty of this! But why are we? How can we stop doing this? Day 3 of the 12 days of Irksmas. Let’s get into it. Thank you for listening!

Day 2 – Show Me My Money!

I am willing to bet that one, you will not guess the subject matter at hand and two, you never even thought of this. They don’t call me krazy for no reason but in all seriousness, if you REALLY think about this, it’s a no brainer! Thanks for tuning in!

Day 1 – Drivers

We are all, including me, guilty of not being courteous on the road. It’s not always about the law why we should do better. Let’s kickoff the 12 days of Irksmas. I would love to hear your holiday irks. Hit me up!

The 12 Days of Irksmas! Intro

A new segment is coming to the podcast. A time to air some irritants. Frustrations. 12 days of Irksmas. AKA, irks my a… Feel free to share you by visiting podwabbit. Holler soon!

Example #234. Las Vegas Healthcare is Callous.

When I practiced as an RN, my number one goal: Patient advocate. Many clinicians in Las Vegas lost or never had it. It’s an embarrassment to the profession and wrong for the patient who truly needs care. Step your game up.

Podcasters LOVE to Waste Money!

Ok, not every podcaster. And I know, it’s your money. Do as you please. But who spends $300 for a chance to get an award? Serious question. Go online, buy and award and still have change in your pocket for say, hosting, a pop filter, a plug in, a better mic, better cohost, something! I will just say this. Don’t let me catch you complaining about the cost of ANYTHING podcast related and find out you dropped three large for a pat on the back. I can do that for $20 and you still have change left over. 

Any who, the show as you know by now is no longer live streamed on You Tube. People hate my face or my content. If you hate inconsistency, don’t subscribe. If you hate people that complain. Pass. That’s all I have for now. Catch you when the moment feels right for another gum session. For the three people that will listen, thank you. Be safe.

Livestream Ending. Podcast Remains.

Based on a few factors, I will no longer be live streaming this podcast over on YouTube Wednesday’s 7 pm PT. The podcast will remain but how often I put an episode out will vary. If you are the type of listener that needs consistent content every week, do not subscribe or unsubscribe. If you are the type of listener that understands for some, podcasting is a hobby and life comes first, stick around. Who knows what topics you will get from me from now on. It might be babble pucky or legit knowledge transfer. Hey, this is the Krazy Wabbit Show. Who knows what you will get. If that intrigues you, buckle your shit. 



Podcast version of the live stream for 10/3/18. Topics include an annoying alert, school/podcast update, survey bullying and a new segment. 

Thanks for spend a few moments out of your day with Wabbit!