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I Can Listen Too

Sharing some thoughts as I travel the path of losing a spouse. My daily therapy. Hope this finds you well and if not, sending out positive thoughts.

Painful Reminders

Sharing some thoughts as I walk down this path of being a widower. Self therapy to help from keeping things bottled up.

A Painful New Chapter

Sharing some memories of my wife as I work to get to a new sense of normal. Erin loved donating to German Shepherd Rescues. Here is the link to our local Vegas rescue if you would like to donate in her honor.

Thank you

Day 12 – What about the other 364 days?

I wrap up this 12 day series on what irks my you know what with something to ponder for the other days of the year. Again, it does not require any monetary investment. Just a different way of thinking. I hope you enjoyed this 12 days of Irksmas and would love to hear your feedback. I do thank you for tuning in. Be well and if this catches you before 2019, have a safe and Happy New Year!

Day 11 – Scrap New Year’s Resolution. I GOT Your Solution!

This one is simple. Every year we say we are going to do this or that and by the time December rolls around, we say it again. STOP. I’ve got the answer for you. Business owners will hate it because it cost you nothing. Just a little hard work and a few weeks. Thanks for tuning in!

Day 10 – I Swear. No Cursing!

Seriously, this is a safe for work episode. Granted, this time of year, few are working. Please send me evidence that swearing results in your utilities being shut off and I will never curse again! Thanks for tuning in!

Day 9 – It’s Free. Stop Complaining!

When a free service goes down, it’s panic in the streets. Worse if I lose my iTunes review!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT TO DO??????? Tune in and listen. I will save you for no charge!

Day 8 – Black Friday. Not Fun.

From poor selection, stingy discount, picky consumers, and AWFUL start times, Black Friday is annoying. Crowds don’t bother me because, well, I don’t go. Yet there is plenty a-fowl. Thanks for stopping by!

Day 7 – Dirty Laundry. Not ONLINE!

For many, this is not an issue. For many others, why? Why do we have to see your dirty laundry online. Take it up with the person(s) you have a beef with and squash it out. It’s the right thing to do. Seriously. You will thank me later. Plus, whatever happened to keep things in house. Or people are so worried about their data being snag but they will but their dirty drawls out there for people to see. Irks my you know what! Thanks for listening. Seriously. Do the right thing!

Day 6 – iPhone v Android. End the hate!

Really. What is accomplished by ragging on someone that is not down with your cause? I share a couple of thoughts in this silly never ending battle. Thanks for tuning in!