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Las Vegas. I Love This City! My Non-Paid Sales Pitch

Las Vegas

After a few housekeeping items, I jump into what I love about Las Vegas and provide mostly pros and a few cons why I think living in here is a blast. If you have been considering or knows someone moving here, this is your free guide to help you out. Something I did not cover, connect with me and if I don’t know the answer, I know someone that will. I also goofed up and gave my email for social media contact. You can find my contact info here. Thanks for listening and share if you think others will like. Be safe!


las vegas


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Grind It! Stop Making Excuses. Life Is To Short Not Too.

Grind It

In this short 5 min chat from the parking lot, something that is so simple more need to do. Grind it. Get out there and do something besides working all the time. That is all. Until next time, be safe out there!

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Elon Musk. Rock The Vote. Homeless GoScamMe.

It’s bonus content time. I listened to a long but very good chop with Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience. Why the blame is squarely on you alone if your team does not vote and a homeless Vet trying to get screwed over by judgmental elitists. Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there!


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Colin Kaepernick. In What Way Did He Hurt You?

Colin Kaepernick

Start off the show with some updates to PWN and share my thoughts on Colin Kaepernick but more importantly the importance of standing up for an issue. Sharing a few thoughts I saw online after I recorded this episode. Not all will agree with this episode. I ask to come with an open mind and leave with the willingness to think about things. Thanks for your time!

A U.S. Company (Nike), pays an American athlete, and Republicans burn their clothes. A U.S. President pays a porn star so that his wife doesn’t find out that he cheated on her, and Republicans say it doesn’t matter. Where has American dignity gone?


Chick-fil-A is anti-gay: You don’t burn chicken sandwiches

Papa John’s founder says n-word: You don’t burn pizzas

H&M puts black boy in ‘monkey’ shirt – you don’t burn sweatshirts.

Nike taps a man who stands for black lives: You grab your matches from the shelf by the sheets

colin kaepernick



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Mira. ER RN. A Conversation. Blunt Trauma: Life & Times in the ER


This episode is long overdue. I will briefly explain in the intro why but for now, I want to thank and welcome Mira on the show for sharing her story. If you are a healthcare worker (former or current) and would like to share your story or stories, let’s connect and make things happen!


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Updates and Welcome to PodWabbit Network

If you are new on this block or have been in the neighborhood, some updates and welcome to PWN. Thanks for either sticking around or considering following this little operation we have going on. Welcome aboard!



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The Ohio State University- Intentional Grounding: Loss of Reality

The Ohio State University

If you are a loyal sheep to The Ohio State University, this is not a podcast for you. If you have the ability to have an open mind, this is a podcast for you. The focus of this bonus content is to address a total breakdown by a coach, an institution, and fanbase. The goal, again, if the mind is willing to accept, inject a dose of reality. The first 38 minutes, I break down some thoughts as the verdict approached. The remainder is spent breaking down the 23 page report. There was some DAMNING information. As a result, OSU made the wrong decision. Urban Meyer got off lightly and showed ZERO remorse at the press conference. I can not in good faith cheer for his continued success. For me alone, it is embarrassing to be a fan and another example of how college football is dirty.

Link to the findings of the independent group mentioned.


the ohio state university


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DeShawn Fontleroy. Sports Performance Coach. A Conversation.

DeShawn Fontleroy.

It is my honor to share with you a conversation with DeShawn Fontleroy. Sports Performance Consultant/Coach and a host of a great podcast, Sports Mastery. DeShawn explains what he does as a Sports Performance Coach, the services he offers working with young student-athletes and his podcast that reached a recent milestone. Thanks, DeShawn for your time and thank you the listener for stopping by.

Link to DeShawn’s website- Sports Mastery 

deshawn fontleroy



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The Conspiracy Theorist Who Cried Wolf – Bonus Content

Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? It seems there were many stories or lessons as kids we heard or were taught that we simply forgot. I am here to help refresh your brain and put some perspective on why we can’t trust conspiracy theorists. Even if they tell a truth, what do they say about a dead clock? Thanks for your time and lending your ears.



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Why I Left Facebook. KWS Chap 10

The title is self-explanatory. Also, provide some tips for those seriously considering the same. It’s ok to leave. Be safe and I thank you for listening!


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