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My iPhone is Better! No, My Note is Better!

The age-old question that will never be settled, I welcome one of my cohost and Editor in Chief on PodWabbit Network to end this debate once and for all! We are straight outta tech!

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YoloLiv. Smart, Innovative, Easy To Use Live Streaming!


I met the YoloLiv team at CES 2018 and extremely thankful they took time to share a great new option coming this year for live streamers.  There are upgrades coming to the device and I will have an updated podcast (hint- screen size and more inputs!)

You can find more about YoloLiv and how to pre-order on Indiegogo by visiting their website.



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Cinemood 2018. What’s New from CES!

Cinemood 2018

Last year, I had the pleasure to meet the Cinemood team at CES 2017. This year, Cinemood 2018. I wanted to catch up and see what is new and let the staff tell you directly. Links below for more information. Thanks for tuning in!


cinemood 2018


You kind find out more about CINEMOOD by visiting their website here.

A few CINEMOOD YouTube Videos:

Smart Covers

Quick Trailers

How to Use


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Eureka Park. CES 2018. Visionaries That Make Things Happen

Eureka Park

I took a moment to find a spot in a place that gave me a profound moment of clarity and excitement. Eureka Park. CES 2018. Took me a few years but it hit me. I love ALL of CES. I enjoy seeing what’s new in the North, Central and South Halls. But where the TRUE passion lives. The TRUE innovation lives. The TRUE desire to help others. Is Eureka Park. Even as a Registered Nurse and my network of podcasts here with my new vision of 2018 to help others, it was a Eureka moment! My goal for future CES shows. Visit this place and share as many stories as I can. For now, I take a few moments to share my thoughts. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share some from this year with you. Despite the latest news either in society or with tech “bugs”, I feel good.

eureka park



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Internet Will Die In 2018. Only YOU Can Save It. Act Now!


Net Neutrality. Maybe that word has popped in the news feed on Facebook or Twitter. It ends in 2018 and the Internet will no longer exist we know it. While the outrage is warranted, is there anything that can be done. Tune in to find out how. If you want your internet to live, follow the instructions. If you want others to enjoy the internet, share with others this solution.




Links Mentioned in this podcast:

Battle for the Net

Front Page Tech



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Ransomware. Password Game. An Important Listen!


“It will never happen to me!” “I use the same passwords across multiple accounts for ease.” Know someone like this? PLEASE tune in and share with others. Ransomware is no joke. Imagine turning on your computer and seeing a message, “your device is locked. Send me $100 and you will get the access code” Now are you ready to reconsider? A quick listen in the next 8 min 30 seconds will save you a TON of headaches. Furthermore, save your wallet the same!


Experimenting with a new workflow of recording to save time. If the audio quality is not good, please provide feedback on the social contacts mentioned in this episode and I will step up the audio game. Thanks!

Links mentioned:

MacRumors article

Apple ID


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Apple Event 2017. I Am Switching Back. How About You?

Apple Event 2017

The Apple Event 2017 was held today at the new Steve Jobs theater. I provide you some early specs, information and why I will be going back to iOS. (but keeping the note 4 as a side piece)


apple event 2017



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Note 8. Is It Worth The Wait Or The Price Too Great?

Note 8

Samsung recently held their launch event for the Note 8. After “firegate”, many thought this day would never arrive. But it also arrives with a steep price tag and is it worth the offering? I start off the podcast reviewing the specs and then give you some thoughts where I stand. Where do you stand? Hit me up on Twitter @thekrazywabbit and use the #phonecombat. If specs bore you, you can skip to the 8:04 mark. Thanks for stopping by!


note 8




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WWDC 2017. Jam Packed Updates with Odd Naming Conventions.

WWDC 2017.

What took 130 minutes at WWDC 2017, I condense it down to 10 min. Overall, I was impressed with the keynote today. Lot’s of updates to all of the OS platforms with some key ones coming to iOS 11 especially iPad. There were some odd new names used for a “refinement” to OS Sierra and a new music device. If you are in the market for a Pro device and have some spare change, the iMac Pro drops major teraflops. If only Apple would do some things to iPhone 8 that I know they won’t (SD card, removable battery to name a few) I’d come back.


wwdc 2017





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PicMonkey, YouTube Live, Ghost Browser, Super Photo Cut – Ep#41


In this episode of Tech Your Game Up, I will go over a few items I recently ran across that might be of benefit. PicMonkey photo editor, YouTube Live for mobile update, a browser with cool silo features and a super photo editor.



Links mentioned in this episode:

Pic Monkey

Ghost Browser

Super Photo Cut

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