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What Value Do You Provide For Yourself?

While this episode may be aimed at the “content creator”, the question is really for everyone. Too often the narrative is something like this. “What value do your provide to the listener?” I believe this question is a cousin to the “customer is always right”. People say be your authentic self first then in the…

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Will Clubhouse End Facebook?

Short answer. No. Long answer, time will tell. Personally, I would love to see it. Clubhouse has some challenges before it can even come close. Time will tell. Hope you are well. Thanks for tuning in!

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Passed My First WGU Course!

Didn’t want to start a new podcast for this topic but here goes. Feel free to use this story and future related to my return to school just south of turning 50 years old to help inspire other at no cost to their wallet/pocketbook! You got this too!

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Who Bears Responsibility?

When someone posts something on social media that is fake, who bears responsibility? The person posting or the person clicking? Is it upon the “customer” to do their due diligence to confirm if real, a joke or something else. Does the poster need to disclaim? Does the user need to have a sense of what…

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