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We chop sports and sometimes beyond the sidelines.

NFL Week 5: Passing with Ease. That is Drew Brees

Welcome to the Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill. Special K and Hammer chop on college football, NFL, Eric Reid, NBA preseason, Drew Brees, our upset stomach specials and the world famous chopping block.

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NFL Week 3. Baker Is Legit!

If you have watched anything Baker did in training camp, what he did against the Jets should not be a surprise. What surprised us. Tiger Woods held it down. Some college programs did not. And what is up with the Jags and the Pats? The changing of the guard at QB is in place and we get into why should players talk to the media. Are you down for the chop?

The Menu

1:50 – Lighter Side of the Bun (LSOB) Taunting

9:33 – College Football Chop

35:28 – LSOB – Talking to the Media

45:37 – NFL Chop

1:38:33 – Who will win first

1:46:17 – New QBs on the block

1:56;02 – Upset Stomach Special of the Week

2:02:07 – World Famous Chopping Block

NFL Week 2, Vontae Davis- To Quit or Not Quit?

Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill Podcast

We are back with a MONSTER episode. Special K and the Voice of Ra bring you some entertaining sports knowledge. We welcome your feedback and thank you for your time! Time stamps provided below but if you have the time, stick around for the entire meal!

The Menu:

2:00 – College Football Week 3 Chop

21:19 – Is Harbaugh a disappointment?

29:32 – Lighter Side of the Bun – Taking a knee

40:36  – Trubearsky. Legit?

49:31 – Fitzpatrick. A renaissance man!

57:01 – Mahomes. Can he be stopped?

1:01:11 – Most Overrated QB?

1:03:18 – Cleveland Browns. Same ol?

1:10:33 – Lighter Side of the Bun – Vontae Davis

1:22:25 – New York Not Yet Jets

1:32:15 – Lighter Side of The Bun – NFL Healthcare

1:38:45 – Upset Stomach Special of the Week

1:45:30 – World Famous Chopping Block!

Season 3. Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill Podcast.

Season three of the Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill kicks off on time with the opening weekend of the NFL. We review some of the highlights from week one, including some head-scratching performances. Talk some US Open, a little college ball, fanhood, player salary and the world famous patented chopping block. Let’s get it!


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Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill

1988 vs 2018. Who You Got? Let’s Chop

A better solution was found and I think the audio is much improved. Hope you enjoy this episode. Let’s chop!

On Tap

1988 vs 2018

Favorite Breakfast Cereal

Is Bell the Best?

45 Dippin in the NFL

What is your bun choice?

The World Famous Chopping Block!



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Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill

Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill Debut

The audio in this episode by our standards is not on par. Due to some technical difficulties with the methods used to record and my attempt to adjust levels during the recording, you will note in this episode, not my best recording work. I promise to do better next time. – Special K

It’s good to be back in the booth and the OG joins us! Bacon alongside Hammer and Special K. The teaser debut of the Sports Chop Block Bar & Grill. Thanks for tuning in!

Something New Is Cookin!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are still here! But coming back atcha with something new. The Sports Chop Block Bar and Grill. We welcome back the OG, Bacon (the artist formerly known as Harris), Hammer and Special K (the artist formerly known as Hankins) Bringing back some of the old goodness you enjoyed along with new menu items for your enjoyment. We are excited and can’t wait to chop it up with you! (temp picture. New one coming)

Sports Chop Block

Snackadium. Is There Any Better Way To Snack? Let’s Chop!


It’s been a minute or two since H&H dropped a chopped. Since last year! But we are back to chop all things sports. On tap. Snackadium update courtesy of the Hammer. Michigan State. When are we going to stop being shocked and demand more. And let’s not act like it’s only happening there. Hankins has issues even watching college sports. Revisit the Super Bowl, update on NBA and Hammer “smokes” it up! Let’s chop!

This picture was mentioned on this session. Kudos to the Mrs. Hammer!




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Sports Chop Block

2017 Chop Wrap. One Last Time. The Big Four. NFL, NHL, MLB & NBA.

2017 Chop Wrap

Good people. Been a while. Holidays. Life. Work but Hammer and Hankins are back for the 2017 Chop Wrap edition. We review the big four and close out 2017. Let’s welcome in the new year and from all of us at PodWabbit Network, we are extremely grateful that you lend us your ears and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2017 chop wrap


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Sports Chop Block