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We chop sports and sometimes beyond the sidelines.

Goff golfing before Trubisky in the NFL playoffs.

The headline is not coming from a place of homerism. Rams have shown they are vulnerable. Are coaches now vulnerable in hockey? Who is in our chopping block? The menu is below and we thank you for listening!

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The Menu:

1:13 – NHL: Flyers

2:55 – NHL: Preds

4:35 – NHL: Blackhawks

7:34 – NHL: Alex O

10:21 – LSOB: Homer Sports Fan

26:44 – NFL

27:38 – NFL: Chargers/Chiefs

32:38 – NFL: Jets/Texans

34:43 – NFL: Browns/Broncos

40:26 – NFL: Falcons/Cardinals

46:45 – LSOB: One and done. The Red Carpet

57:53 – NFL: Bengals/Raiders

1:02:25 – NFL: Vikings/Dolphins

1:04:20 – NFL: Cowboys/Colts

1:08:43 – NFL: Bears/Packers

1:11:06 – NFL: Trubisky > Goff

1:17:30 – NFL: Steelers/Patriots

1:19:11 – NFL: Eagles/Rams

1:20:49 – NFL: Panthers/Saints

1:24:14 – Upset Stomach Special

1:29:08 – World Famous Chopping Block

It’s a new Day at Ohio State.

Who was at fault in Green Bay? Will Urban coach again? Why the NFL is on our chopping block. Twice. Bowl game predictions and jokes. Are the Steelers in trouble. Are you down for the chop?

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Super Bowl Predictions. A Special Co-Host Takeover Edition of the Chop!

It’s a special co-host take over edition. Today, the Voice of Ra takes over the chop. Here is what’s on tap:

1:35 – Dwayne Haskins – Is he all of that and a bag of chips?

27:20 – NFL Elite QB. What makes an elite QB and who are your current top three?

1:00:17- Who is on your NBA Mt. Rushmore?

1:31:24- Super Bowl Predictions. Who you got?

Once again, it’s Michican’t beat Ohio State.

Hockey, NFL, NCAA, upset stomach special of the week and the world famous chopping block. Are you ready to chop?

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2:01 – Hockey Chop 

14:55 – Lighter Side of the Bun

29:20 – Michigan v Ohio State

46:30 – NCAAF Chop

56:32 – NFL Chop

1:26:20 – Thanksgiving Dinner Recap

1:38:16 – Upset Stomach Special of the Week

1:44:34 – World Famous Chopping Block

It Was Never Meant To Be

Your latest edition of the chop. We’d like to hear your feedback where we can improve, what you like/dislike. Thanks for listening!

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D. Rose. We Can Predict Your Career

Latest edition of the chop. We want to hear your feedback. What do you like. What do you dislike. Hit us up! Thanks for tuning in!

Recap NFL/NCAAF Weekend Review

Does ANYONE have a good explanation for what is going on with the NY Football Giants? PLEASE someone help us understand! Are you down for the chop?

NFL Week 7/College Week 8

Special K said Ohio State was overrated and they proved me right. I have extremely harsh words about this team and if you are a fan, you should skip this episode. We get into the weekend that was college and pro football. Let’s chop!

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NFL Week 6/College Week 7

Hearing no request to break down time stamps for the chop, here is the entire biggie size edition. Get comfortable. This is going to take a minute.