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A New Theme Is Coming

After some research, I’ve settled on a new theme for the website. The purchase was just made. I have a test site on my local machine that I will need to play around with there before deploying here. Appreciate your patience and please stay tuned! Visionaries that make things happen. Hope this finds you well and enjoy your day.

If you are new here, stop by the front desk and have a gander!



Walmart replacing checkout lanes with walkout lanes

In an attempt to deal with long checkout lanes or having two open when there are 42 available, WalMart is rolling out in certain cities new walkout lanes. Customers approaching the checkout will now be greeted with a walkout lane that leads directly to the exit. Company research indicates that the low low price motto is outdated and needs to be updated for 2020 and beyond. “Customers want to get in and out and be with their families.”, said Jim Fellows, CFO at WalMart. “We want Walmart to be the destination customers can come and go as they please.” Walmart will maintain one checkout lane for those who in good conscience feel the need to pay. Current checkout cashiers will not be affected as there are already only a few working. However, those who check receipts will be reassigned to other locations within the store or given a handshake severance package if they choose to opt out.




Thank you to the Onion for the inspiration.

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SOTP2018. Second Annual State of the Podcast Joint Address

Year two is halfway through here at the PodWabbit Network and I want to take some time to update what’s been the haps and for those new to this locale, provide some history on where this thing began. What are the plans for the future and how you can participate. If you missed the live stream and would like to see the tour of the website, here is the replay on YouTube.



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SOTP2017. First Annual State of the Podcast Joint Address.


Welcome to the first annual State of the Podcast for The PodWabbit Network, aka hashtag sotp2017. I walk you through the beginnings of TPWN, the lineup of podcasts and the future of TPWN and podcasting. Below you will find a link to all the shows and ways to subscribe. Please feel free to browse the site. There will be no pushy salesmen! If you like what you hear, a good share or three would be greatly appreciated. If you have or know of someone with a great story to share, I am recruiting now! Run time is 43 minutes. Thank you!



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Thankful I am. 10,000 Reasons To Be. Thank You VERY MUCH!!!!

Thankful. For all of you that have helped reach this big milestone here on The PodWabbit Network!

Thank You again from the bottom of my heart!! Thankful for 10,000 and so much more!

thank you

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The PodWabbit Network – One Year Anniversary. Who Wants Cake!


                                                             THE BIG ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

A year ago, I fired up the microphone and let it rip. Back then it was via You Tube and this site had not quite been born yet. I was young, naive, and looking for ways to cut costs. But there was a vision and passion that I had and one year later, open the wallet but more importantly ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing this!!

To those that listen, offer feedback and appear on shows with me, THANK YOU.

Year two brings another podcast (already created and can’t wait to share) and more importantly, interacting and engaging with you. Bringing you the listener on shows. Continuing to inform, laugh and share.

I look forward to enriching your cranium and you doing the same with me and others by sharing! Until then, here is my very first podcast:

Starbucks Red Cup Fiasco

2.9 iHeartRadio Milestone

iHeartRadiiheartradioo, we made it!!

The Sports Chop Block was officially accepted into the halls of iHeartRadio today. I am thankful to my co-host Harris and to you the listener to tuning in and your feedback. This was a big goal and accomplishment. Our work continues. To bring great content and continue to chop on a weekly basis. As we move into year two, we look to engage with you the listener. We have room at the table for you to chop with us on the show as a guest. Call in and leave voicemail/text- 406-PODMAIL (763-6245) Then you can point your friends over to iHeart and have them check you out on the Chop!

Again, thank you 🙂

You can find the Sports Chop Block on iHeartRadio by clicking the icon below

International Podcast Day 2016! Inform, Connect, Entertain & Listen

international podcast day

International Podcast Day 2016.

In this special podcast, I share five things with you:

  • What is International Podcast Day?

  • What is a podcast?

  • Why podcast and the value?

  • My neck of the woods

  • What can you do?


Milestone Update! THANK YOU!


A few days ago, the 100th podcast here on The PodWabbit Network was recorded!

I am thankful to my cohosts, those who have called in, guests and most important, YOU the listener. I have learned so much and have a lot more to learn. Excited to share, inform, laugh with you another 100!

Again, I humbly thank you!


2.8 – Live Interactive Chat/Shows

A new tab on the menu bar Live is available!

Two shows will now be streamed live on YouTube and recorded for play back as a podcast a few days later.

The Krazy Wabbit Show and Tech Your Game Up. Shows will debut every Friday. Working on a time for each.

The Live page will allow you to see the video stream AND there is a chat box to the right that you can interact with me and any hosts that might be on.

Stop by and take a peek here > LIVE PAGE!