Sharing my love and passion on anything and everything Apple. (except leaks and rumors!)

The End

My last and final podcast on a paying platform. Thank you for listening since 2015. Be safe!

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Apple ‘Rumor/Leak Train’ is Trash. Change My Mind!

Those who spread rumors and/or leaks in regards to what Apple may or may not release do nothing to enhance the Apple experience. I long for the days of Steve Jobs keeping a tight lid on the operation. In the next 20 minutes, I present my case why, including a MUCH needed trip back into…

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Open Audio Letter to Apple

This is a recording to compliment the YouTube version of Open Video Letter to Apple. A request to Apple and Tim Cook on some wish list items.

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Final Cut Pro. A Subscription Model?

Rumor (do not get me started on that word) has it, there may be a subscription model coming to the FCP application. Let’s say it happens, what are you thoughts? I share a few in this episode. Thanks for listening!

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“Silver Sparrow” – M1 Malware

Am I over reacting and the history of Apple in this space is not an issue. Or does the line, “it’s a mystery” be a red flag? You decide. Just continue practicing safe habits. Or is that enough. (cough cough, SolarWinds, cough)

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Steve Jobs Keynotes. Unlike Any Other!

Kicking off a new podcast with a story I read about Steve. This podcast will be about Apple and my various takes, tips and thoughts. Without Steve, there is no Apple. I promise not every episode will be about him but come on, when a good story pops up, it’s worth tuning in. Think different!

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