So Long 2018 Chicago Bears. And Parkey.

Do me a favor. Go back to my podcast on Nov 11, 2018. I know I can be off my rocker at times. Now can we cut Parkey? This episode is not clean but I do have some positives things to say as we close out the crossbar, I mean season on 2018. BEARDOWN

2018 NFC North Champs!

Tell me right now when you read that, you are not having the biggest cheesiest grin! And to do it against the cheese at home! AWESOME! Relax and enjoy the offseason Aaron!

High Powered Rams Offense? 6 POINTS? DENIED!

I really don’t want to waste your time with show notes. Roll the tape!

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There is NO QB Controversy (NSFW)

Chase Daniel said after the game, “They made more plays.” Sorry, you did not make enough plays. Enough quality throws. And you had the whole week to get ready. In my book, you never should have started today. This is a lengthy podcast as this is a direct recording from the you tube live stream that goes down every post game. I was in a good mood until the OT. Enough typing. Roll the tape.

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Really Lions? You Let a Backup Beat You?

Not sure if that was Jay Cutler throwing picks or Matt Stafford but we will take it. I am not going to waste any more time and let the podcast do the talking because there is food to consume. BEARDOWN and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bears vs Vikes. Michael Lombardi, Your Thoughts?

This would be a big game for many reasons. And all threes phases answered tonight. I can’t believe I am saying this, but this team, barring a catastrophe, is headed to the playoffs. I can’t believe I just said that! Let’s get into it. BEARDOWN!

Guess Who Needs To Be Cut?

Today was a good day. Mitch showed improvement and growth. The defense did what they had to do. Even the miscues did not hurt the team at the end of the day. But there were four events that were not acceptable that could ruin us as we move deep into the season and perhaps the playoffs. Pace, we need a kicker. Please.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to tune in. BEARDOWN!

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Handled Business. Now Comes the Real Test.

Kudos to the Bears for not looking past Buffalo. Defense found themselves. Patience is frustrating when waiting for a young 1st rounder QB to develop. For me, Mitch has to clean up his passing game. INT today was not a big deal. Did not hurt us. That can’t happen against Detroit or Minnesota. Very happy with what we’ve seen so far at the halfway mark. We will get to find out very soon what this team is made of. Thank you for taking time out to listen and it was be very cool if you could leave some feedback on the podcast. Like it, hate it, or you don’t care as you just need background noise. BEARDOWN

Let’s Not Forget, It Was The Jets

Due to life throwing a monkey wrench at me, the live stream did not happen but I got some help from a good friend to help fill in. Good Mitch. The defense did what they had to do. But it was the New York Jets. Until next week, BEARDOWN

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