Bears vs Vikes. Michael Lombardi, Your Thoughts?

This would be a big game for many reasons. And all threes phases answered tonight. I can’t believe I am saying this, but this team, barring a catastrophe, is headed to the playoffs. I can’t believe I just said that! Let’s get into it. BEARDOWN!

Guess Who Needs To Be Cut?

Today was a good day. Mitch showed improvement and growth. The defense did what they had to do. Even the miscues did not hurt the team at the end of the day. But there were four events that were not acceptable that could ruin us as we move deep into the season and perhaps the playoffs. Pace, we need a kicker. Please.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to tune in. BEARDOWN!

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Handled Business. Now Comes the Real Test.

Kudos to the Bears for not looking past Buffalo. Defense found themselves. Patience is frustrating when waiting for a young 1st rounder QB to develop. For me, Mitch has to clean up his passing game. INT today was not a big deal. Did not hurt us. That can’t happen against Detroit or Minnesota. Very happy with what we’ve seen so far at the halfway mark. We will get to find out very soon what this team is made of. Thank you for taking time out to listen and it was be very cool if you could leave some feedback on the podcast. Like it, hate it, or you don’t care as you just need background noise. BEARDOWN

Let’s Not Forget, It Was The Jets

Due to life throwing a monkey wrench at me, the live stream did not happen but I got some help from a good friend to help fill in. Good Mitch. The defense did what they had to do. But it was the New York Jets. Until next week, BEARDOWN

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Bears v Pats 10/21 Postgame Reaction

First, my apologies. I tried to keep this episode clean but just like the defense kept Brady’s jersey the same, I failed you. NSFW.

Second. Mitch battled. Despite any criticism I may throw, I have to acknowledge he battled. Under John Fox, this team would have been crushed.

Third. Can Vic Fangio really scheme a defense?

Finally. I do this as a hobby. This does not pay any bills. I invest time into this podcast. And what do I get for it in return as a fan? You also invest your time in this. So hear this. If Chicago loses to NY and Buffalo, season three of the BearReaction is a wrap. I am trying to get my school on and if this team can’t invest in it’s fans by finding a way to win, why should I do the same? I will still be a fan but I need to put my time to better use if the team can’t do the same.

Step your game up Vic. Or this is it.

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Bears v Dolphins 10/14 – Postgame Reaction

This one stings. I do not have anything else more to type. Cue the tape. Oh, and I managed not to curse. I think I am making progress.

Bears vs Bucs 9/30/18 Postgame Reaction

This was the game all Bears fans have been waiting for. We saw what a complete team game looks like and no one could be happier than Ryan Pace. His #2 pick showed what we could be in store for! 

Bears Can Make The Playoffs

Before the Bears took the field against the Bucs, I took to Twitter with the following:

Couple of things. I did not like the way the homer pants fit. Too tight and not enough room to comfortably move in the pocket. But they were fun to try on. I will be keeping the receipt because history tells us we’ve seen the Bears take several steps forward and a hundred more backward. Ok enough on the downer tip.

Let’s pause for a moment. It’s been how long since the words, “Chicago Bears” and “playoffs” has entered your mind? Go ahead, take as much time as you need. I’ll go walk around the block. 

Ok. I’m back. How long? A long time, right? To the point we used to laugh at even thinking the word. Sometimes even crying wondering if the day might ever come. On September 30th, 2018, we were provided a glimpse into what this team can be.

But before we go any further, back to my tweet. Why did I feel this way? Yes, we had at that time a two-game winning streak. The scar of the Green Bay loss was still visible. Despite the two wins, it was mostly the defense carrying the load. Mitch had not yet quite sold fans, able to look at the game objectively, he was going to get it. Yes, there were plenty of homers already sold and hating on us for not being all in. But a funny thing happens when you crawl up into your cranium and think back to the year 2000. When you see a dominate defense and have a game manager QB, you hear that phrase, “defense wins championships”. You even allow yourself to slip back a little further to 1985. Careful not to make an eye for an eye comparison but you begin to realize, hey, there is something here, IF our offense shows some progress.

Look, I’m just a peon out here in Vegas. I have no official training in statistical analytics (if that is even a thing), know nothing about X’s and O’s but I do have a PhD in ET. No, not the alien thing. The Eyeball Test. I’ve seen game managers have a defense carry them into the playoffs. Remember Kyle Orton and 2005? Trent Dilfer comes to mind. He managed while the Ravens defense merked. I did some crack research looking at Dilfer in college vs Mitch. The Ravens schedule and path to their run. (I am not saying we are going that far) I am not going to bore you with numbers but my ET degree says there are some similarities. Enough to have me tweet in confidence pre-game.

By now, you know we won and man did we ever show progress on the offensive side of the ball. I think for the first time in a long time, all Bears fans are on the same page. But are we? On one hand, yes. This was a beautiful thing to watch. The largest margin of victory at Soldier Field since 1980. Wow! Most touchdowns in one half and knocking on the Sid Luckman doorstep. All three phases clicking. Kevin White remaining upright through four weeks and getting his block on springing running backs. Impressive all around and nice to actually watch a Bears game, have fun, and not need the Rolaids. 

On the other hand, not so much are we on the same page. Some, while not directly stating this, indirectly through the use of stats, quickly toss Mitch on the same line with Wentz and Goff. “Hey, look! What do you say now about Mitch not being on their level???” Ok. In all fairness, that was not said either. Think about it. You’ve seen both sides. My camp, through three games, not sold on Mitch being the guy. Why? 1. Airmail. Balls not connecting. 2. This talk about having command of the offense in training camp or having a good week of practice. Yet not seeing much of him in preseason action. Your camp. “THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK” in a TO voice. You know, the, “you’re not a real fan because you are not all in!” The hyped-up graphics showing Mitch on fire-

Yeah, that one. It can now be used but prior to the Bucs game, garnered heavy eye rolls from the ‘objectivites’.

I get it. Mental abuse for 33 years at the hands of a troubled QB carousel. I fell hard on the Rex Grossman ride. Saw that arm in the QB skills competition. Lost my ish when the Cutler train rode into town. Scoffed at a friend who told me we’d never win a Super Bowl with Jay. For many, a wall is built and until someone can prove they are a winner, the natural reaction is to have doubt. Oh, by the way, having doubt does not make one less of a fan. Let’s END that nonsense. You know what I am talking about. Someone questions Mitch and suddenly their fan hood is questioned. #allfansmatter. Matters were not aided by seeing other kids ball out while we waited for Zero Dark 10 to turn on the lights.

So here are the questions moving forward. 

1. Does one game determine how Mitch plays moving forward. The simple answer. No. Now, do not take that as any hate, slight or being frosted. It simply shows what he can be. It shows that we finally saw on the field match with what Nagy has said about practice. Now all we need to see is consistency moving forward. How will Mitch look in Miami? How will Mitch look when the Brady Bunch come calling to the Windy City? Mitch does not need to throw for six touchdowns every game. We also know he’s got the potential to be more than a manager. Should Mitch struggle in Miami, I am not going to rip the kid. To some, that would be the assumption. No. We’ve seen now what he can do, even if it is one game.

2. Can this team make the playoffs. The simple answer. Yes. Now, let me pause, go grab a beverage and let that sink in for a minute. Again, crazy talk eh? What are the odds, what will our record be, who knows. But this is no longer a team that should go 8-8. When you factor in the NFC North division for the taking, our defense only getting better and the offense showing us what they can now do. Bears fans, you are not crazy for uttering the word playoffs. No disrespect Jim Mora. 

One last thought back to the tweet. Note the receipt reference. If you have been a Bears fan for longer than 30 years, you understand that while we’ve not been here in a while, in first place this early, dominating defense and a up and coming offense, the Chicago Bears have found ways to get our hopes up only to be knocked down for various reasons. Something feels different this year. (We’ve said that before!) I want Pace, Nagy, Vic, Mitch, Mack, Cohen and others to help me ‘beardown’ that wall. The receipt is not to be used for giving up my Bears fan card. Never. It’s my sanity ticket to return the homer pants for a more comfortable pair of sweatpants. 

Bears v Cardinals 9/23/18 Postgame Reaction

The stagnation of Mitchell Trashbisky continues. Some would argue regression. I share my reaction to a game that was a win but did not give you legit feels along with some fellow Bears fans who joined me in the live-stream post-game show over on YouTube. I will be back next week and hopefully, we see some growth from Mitch. Stop me if you have heard that line before? BEARDOWN

Bears V Seahawks 9/17/18 Postgame Reaction

Let’s be real for a minute. This was supposed to be a win with the number of starters out for the Seahawks. Yet it felt like the game was in jeopardy until a Prince saved the day. The offense needs to grow up and not rely on the defense every time. In my Bearreaction, I only saw one play that showed Mitch is progressing. The bootleg TD pass. I do not count the first series as scripted plays because you are I could run those. It’s when a play breaks down, how does Mitch react. With all that being said, I get it. He is in the early stages of learning with Nagy and I am willing to give him this year to grow. But damn, it’s hard being patient as a Bears fan! BEARDOWN