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In what could be the last episode for sometime, I have opted to boycott the Chicago Bears. For many years if not decades, we’ve had to watch a poor product march out on game day. I recently cancelled my Directv NFL Sunday Ticket. However in the last 24 hours, our “wonderful” leader in DC decided to speak his usual nonsense. In reply, some owners spoke some unusual sense in supporting their players. As I type these shown notes, one owner has not. Virginia McCaskey and the Chicago Bears. I love football. I love the three hour distraction from life. Yet sometimes in life, there are more important things than personal entertainment.

So in the next 14 minutes, come along and listen why this is going down. How you chose to get down, I pass no judgment. If you are on the same page, sharing this would be the best medicine. Don’t agree, share with fellow haterade drinkers.

All comments are welcome as we work to address bigger issues of the day. Until then and maybe for the last time in a long time, beardown.

***UPDATE – 1 hour after recording this podcast, George McCaskey puts out a statement for the Bears. (See below) I tip my cap. Now let’s get the product on the field right!***



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