Beyond The 280 v1

Starting a new regular thing where I review what I said on the Twitters to provide some context beyond the 280 character limit. Buckle up!

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My Farts Provide a Service!

I really don’t need to say much here. Either you are willing to get knowledge or pass. The choice is yours.

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Apple ‘Rumor/Leak Train’ is Trash. Change My Mind!

Those who spread rumors and/or leaks in regards to what Apple may or may not release do nothing to enhance the Apple experience. I long for the days of...

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Open Audio Letter to Apple

This is a recording to compliment the YouTube version of Open Video Letter to Apple. A request to Apple and Tim Cook on some wish list items.

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Erasing History

Does erasing history make tomorrow better? I need tangible evidence to show it does otherwise I’m not buying. Yet, I will stay in my lane.

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