Never record a podcast post anesthesia!

With that said, 99% of what was recorded is accurate in terms of some BIG changes moving forward. It’s all up to the FCC!

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No CES 2021? Kinda

Got the word today. Another gut punch. Yet when I think about what really matters, it was the right thing to do. What are your thoughts?

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The Podcast Wraps. The Journey Continues.

The final episode of Unforeseen. However, notice the title. I don’t plan to put out any new episodes for the foreseeable future. I will leave the podcast active in...

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Sun In Face

Get out an be one with nature. Try for 60 minutes each week. Unplug from the noise. Go ahead. It doesn’t cost anything. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Captain’s Log: I’m A Searcher

Ran into something that hooked me and provided some clarity I needed. Like many things in life when you make a decisions, it comes with sacrifices. It’s what I...

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