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2017 NFL Draft

You know that thing called life? Sometimes it has a way to butting into things. Apologies on the delay yet if you know us, you know we would never miss the 2017 NFL Draft and the chance to chop. What a draft! As much as people love to dog the NFL, just when you think they are down, like Rocky Balboa, they get back up with crowd trolling by former players, trades and cool personal stories. Bring on the draft and bring on the chop! We thank you for tuning in.


2017 NFL Draft

The Draft Menu

NFL Draft Part 1 – 2:37

NFL Draft Part 2 – 18:40

Lighter Side of the Bun – Pick Your Bust! – 32:37

NFL News – Pac Man, Again? – 42:13

NFL News – AP, Again? – 51:16

Lighter Side of the Bun – Matt Stafford, HOF? – 1:02:47

World Famous Chopping Block – 1:15:17


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