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2017 Bears Bucks

I really try to go into every season and every game with some kind of positivity. Then that all goes out the window when the latest installment of Bears QB aka Quality Bullshit, drops back and throws a pick. On this edition of the BearReaction, I save you the agony of a long talk about the 2017 Bears Bucks game on Sunday, 9/17/2017. As stated in the intro of this podcast, I took the same approach to this podcast as the team did. I did zero editing, called a timeout out 10 seconds into recording and basically threw against the wall and see what stuck. Bears appeared to give zero fucks against the bucks. So why should I? But hey, when I’ve accepted this team will not win for the rest of my life, what are the options? Rock a Raiders lid when they move to Vegas? Anyway, if you listen, I should actually pay you! BEARDOWN

2017 bears bucks


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