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NCAA Coaches Poll

Ain’t this some you know what. The annual NCAA Coaches Poll is announced and what do you know! Look who is on top! Harris and Hankins tear into this and much more on this neck bone edition of the chop. Buckle up, knuckle up, let’s chop baby!ncaa coaches poll



The Menu!

NFL Preseason Underway –   0:59

Pre Canton Chop –  21:38

LSOB #1 – 44:26

The Name I Will Not Mention Here – 55:52

Coaches Poll –  1:05:31

Pre Miami Chop – 1:15:57

LSOB #2 – 1:23:03

Bartman Ring?1:31:15

The Other Name I Will Not Mention Here –   1:41:45

The World Famous Chopping Block – 1:48:30


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