No big draft party plans? Want a place to vent your frustrations or share your joy over pick #3? I will fire up the Bear Reaction podcast live on the night of the draft around 7pm CT  GMT-5 and go live for picks 1-10 with the focus on our pick and give you my Bear Reaction and get yours. I’ll provide a link that night where you can jump in and participate. Interact on Twitter with #bearreaction Stay tuned and BEARDOWN!

BearReaction (BR) is an interactive podcast by Chicago Bears fans for Chicago Bears fans.

During the offseason:

  • Hankins and Hochbaum will discuss the draft, free agency, training camp and any thing newsworthy and air on an as needed basis.

During the regular season:

  • BR will air immediately LIVE after each game in a poor mans version of the Doug and OB show.

  • Head over to the LIVE page where you can interact via chat and see us via webcam on a YouTube LIVE stream.

  • I will post a link on my FB page that only Bears fans can see if they want to come on the webcam and give their initial BearReaction. If you are camera shy, turn it off and can do audio only.

Catch all previous podcasts here.

We welcome all types of fans, as long as they are Bears fans.


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