So yesterday, I mentioned the power of podcasting. This business venture will use the power of podcasting for businesses, churches, schools, hospitals, lawyers, local/national government, political parties, or a weekend softball league. Basically I will consult with those that are not using podcasts and inform how they can use this powerful, cheap, friendly to the environment (reduce paper) to communicate a message and engage with their audience. That is the 50,000 foot level view. GoFundMe campaign up and running. Please stop by and consider a donation. More to come later!


Coming Fall 2017 (that is the goal), a podcasting consulting business. I’ve got an idea of what I want to do. Currently working on the steps to get this up and running along with a GoFundMe campaign to help with some initial startup costs. Once I get that together, I will share more information.

Extremely excited about this venture and what the power of podcasting will bring to those I look to serve!

Stay tuned!

Visionaries that make things happen 🙂